Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frames of reference

My work goes in waves and I apply a certain amount of discipline to even it out over time, whether it's writing a book, working for a client, or out speaking to good-sized audiences about the themes in my first book, "Advice From A Risk Detective."

But Mother Nature is a constant frame of reference for me, allowing me take comfort in familiar seasonal patterns.  Last week in honor of our anniversary, I potted in these primroses, just like I have done to celebrate for at least the last 30 years.
Spring primroses in pots on front steps.  

Green Lake on a wet overcast morning.

In this photo I took while walking at Green Lake, it's possible only from the bare tree branches to get a good guess at time of the year.  The surrounds of the lake are so familiar to me that I could probably walk the 2.8 miles blindfolded.  Yet I am constantly amazed at how new it looks whenever I walk.

My home.
Finally, my home, where the rain and wind washed everything shiny bright in the last 24 hours.  It's my ultimate point of reference.  How I feel at home is reflected in the opening words of the first chapter of the risk detective book.

You have a right to think of it as your castle.  Our homes are the places we start from and return to each day -- the embodiment of our styles, the places into which we can both invite friends and retreat from the work. 

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