Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finding the groove

Life has a way of proceeding despite variations in habits and schedules.  Until last Saturday, when I shot the photo above while walking at Green Lake, I'd not been out walking in the morning for about a month.  That happens to me quite often after I am on the trying to catch up and re-balance the work, I neglect the physical.  That in turn causes me to go into a form of hibernation once I catch up.  And from that comes mental fog.

So I worked out with my trainer on Monday, and here's a shot from my walk on Tuesday at Green Lake. 

I'd just finished posting this photo from this morning's walk when I ran into Erin Taylor, my yoga teacher.   I'd not seen her for awhile because my crazy schedule has not lined up with her class times. 

Now that I'm out of the mental fog and paying attention to the physical, I'm going to see if I can find some new rhythms rather than just fall back into the same old groove.  It will be harder going into December -- I've got three social events on Saturday, for instance -- but I'll be in better shape for the Boston trip in early January.  In my desk calendar, I'm giving myself a stick on-star every time I actually roll out of bed and exercise in or out of the rain.

Working out in December in Seattle means that you have to be willing to use treadmills indoors to walk, or go to classes at odd hours, to keep your mojo working when it's raining.   I used to do this, getting up at 5:30am and going to the gym four mornings a week when I worked downtown.  So the deal I've made with myself is that I will walk outside when it's not raining, and I will go to the University Y when it is raining.  Go big or go home.


Penny K said...

I still use the star system myself! LOL

Jenny said...

I was quite fond of the gold stars when my piano teacher dolled them out after a lesson, though more often than not I got green or silver!

To your plans, Annie; go get 'em!