Friday, July 26, 2013

Citizen of the world!

I'm getting ready for a trip to Washington DC next week.  Though most of the trip will be business-related, I never visit our nation's capital without invoking time-worn routines.  I make time to see Clarissa, a friend from graduate school, where the conversation just picks up from the last time we had a meal together.  And I'm having breakfast with Sidney, a former colleague from my museum days.  Like Clarissa, he leads an extremely interesting life as a painter, author and (new avocation) jazz singer.  There are a couple of other good colleagues like Susan and Pete that I'm also going to catch up with.

And then there is the city itself.  When he still ran the public affairs show at the Hirshhorn Museum, Sidney used to take me to lunch at the Smithsonian Castle on the Mall.  I'll still be on the Mall, walking to visit my old haunts -- the Vietnam Memorial, then the Lincoln Memorial, then to see the new Martin Luther King Memorial that is not as easy to walk to as the others.  Finally, a couple of hours in The Phillips Collection will round things out nicely. There's both a Braque show and one of the Ellsworth Kelly exhibits on view.

I can't wait!

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Jenny said...

Safe travels, Annie. Enjoy the reunions, connections and inspirations that arise.