Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Three families, four boys, 29 years ago

James Harrison Sowers Searle was born at 5:41am twenty nine years ago today.  His lighthearted father wrote:

"Little James,
with all of his names,
was born to the world
on Tuesday.

We wrapped him in rugs,
gave him six hugs
and took him home
the next Thursday."

Though he spent the first ten days of his life in ICU at Swedish Hospital, he's been a blaze of energy since then, grabbing life with both hands.  Of course, one loves their relatives but him I also admire.  He does good in the world.  He cares about other people.  His is his own person.

Three other boys whom we know and love were also born on that day.  We met Sam and Belinda Bell in childbirth classes at Swedish, and managed through all their growing up years to celebrate twins Cameron and Claiborne Bell and James with parties that included magicians, board breakers, swimming parties, fireman, friends and family.  We came to know Evan Swink after he and James became classmates at Bryant Elementary School.  They went on  to Eckstein Middle School, then both to Roosevelt High School and the Roosevelt Jazz Band.

This morning has become an annual occasion for counting my blessings, to have such constant friendships  in my life as Sam and Belinda, and with Suzie, who is always there to cheer me on, to tease me out of a funk or to inspire me with her attitude toward life and the curves it has thrown her.

So out there in the world are four men who will each make their mark.  Today,  I'm cheering them on.

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