Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Intentions


When a wreath arrives from Children's Hospital each year, we know it is from Hazard and Diana (this year, in spirit). And it signals the beginning of the holiday season.  We have a great deal to reflect upon this year, and simpler is the order of the day for gifts, gatherings and celebrations.

We lack for nothing, especially since James will be home for two weeks of the month.

Our children and grandchildren are all thriving, each uniquely himself or herself.

We'll celebrate with neighbors and friends later this month --- Leroy reminded me yesterday that our holiday open house is actually older than I remembered.  We started it in 1978, with a full contingent of neighbors, university colleagues, Seattle Art Museum staff and Seattle area press.

Since I'll teach my last class of the fall quarter this week, there is a bit of a break from routine for the rest of December, and thus an opportunity to mix things up a bit more.

I'm going to add a weekly yoga class to my workouts; and try to maintain two hours a week of painting even after this watercolor session has ended mid-month.  And I'm determined to actually take advantage of some of the invitations I usually can't accept this time of year, to catch back up with others.

If I play my cards right, I won't have to make new intentions for next year -- I will already be living them.

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Jenny said...

Beautiful, Annie. I stand with you.