Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"The person who has no opinion will seldom be wrong."

Gorgeous day yesterday with sun and billowy clouds. Lisa and I walked to the end of the Olympic Sculpture Park path, close to the Post-Intelligencer building, and back. We made very good time, and the shower felt wonderful. I had good days to walk at Green Lake over the weekend as well, breaking in my new orthodics.

I finally figured out why I feel like I am falling behind at work: there are 3 hours a week where normally I sit at my computer and eat lunch that are no longer available because I am outside in the clean air getting in shape. I am trying to rejigger the work to fit this new schedule, and to complete big chunks of work before two upcoming trips.

We leave for Florence early Saturday morning. Since the conference does not start until Thursday, we have a few days to see the city and the Tuscan countryside as well.

Nearly time for the gym and lower body work(out) with Amy. She's done an incredible job of putting me through my paces. With the walking, my shape has begun to change and so has my belief about the complexity of this effort. There are side benefits everywhere you look: for my own health; for the amount of money I can raise; and for the things I will learn from those who walk with me.

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