Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Friendship doubles your joys and halves your sorrows."

Memorial Day turned out sunny and beautiful, with a bit of wind blowing across a very blue lake. Jenny came for tea, and for us to walk Green Lake together. We have been close friends for over 20 years. She committed to do this walk and was the inspiration for my decision; and she has been much more active walking on a larger team on weekends, gathering anecdotal advice and tips from walk veterans...which she was kind enough to pass along to me yesterday.

This is a very large commitment we have made, and some of the details are now announced. We will start the walk at sunrise on Friday, September 7th, from Bellevue Community College. We will be camping for two nights somewhere in or near Burien. And we will end the race on Sunday the 9th, walking into Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center. Along the route, there will be support crew and rest stops every three miles; and a medical team available as well. Inside the camp, there are storytellers and a meditation tent as well as good food and two person tents.

It's the slowest I've walked around Green Lake...you could almost say that Jenny and I ambled around the lake as we focused on how we're going to do this race. What a friend, and what a set of shared experiences we've had. This is going to be a blast!

Meanwhile Amy is back from her NYC vacation, full of ideas about how to work out my lower body this morning. She'll get to my upper body on Thursday. It does appear that, between Amy's regimen and the walking sticks, I'm replacing arm flab with nice elongated muscle.

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