Thursday, May 31, 2007

"If you are in a hurry, you will never get there." -- Chinese proverb

Mary and I walked yesterday in 85 degree sunshine along the waterfront, up to Myrtle Edwards Park and back.

In Amy's hands this morning, I did 60 abdominal crunches off a ball, and a range of other nasty upper body exercises. I got a new exercise on the machine called The Fly that she had started me on for squats and pulls already. I love this machine and have wanted to be good enough to use it for some time. Today it was me, and boy did it feel good. The more you do these exercises, the stronger you get.

I think they should market working with a trainer to executives by asking where else an executive can be asked to perform a very hard task without delegating it...then be told "good job" at least twice in a 30 minute period of time. Instant gratification and results that show!

At noon, I walked down and back from the Westin Hotel for a business lunch. Still feeling great from morning session in the gym, though I know by Saturday morning I won't be able to lift a fork...another side benefit of weight training.

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