Monday, June 4, 2007

Walking in the Rain...

Neither Mary nor Lisa could walk today, so I set off myself. Ran into a couple of 3 Day Walkers from WaMu's capital markets team, who went back for umbrellas when it started to pour. I kept going and did the full 3.24 miles in a little over an hour. I did not use the sticks which allowed me to focus on good speed and rhythm. Got a very nice note with advice from Vicky, who led the training walk last Saturday. Will get orthodics adjusted later this week since I appear to be sitting too high in my shoes, which are already a half size larger than usual.

Tomorrow a session in the gym with Amy, then I'm going to add a walk around Green Lake after work. This photo is from a trip last summer to the Bloedel Reserve, and reminds me to keep things in perspective.

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