Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour de Mukilteo

It was cool and overcast when I drove to Mukilteo yesterday morning. We met at Whidbey's, a coffee shop with a lot of personality and an owner who didn't mind 20+ people milling around. Penny, team captain of Kindred Spirits, had alerted me earlier in the week that there were some hills on this walk. I know that we will walk in many types of locations, with or without hills, on the 3 Day Walk itself. But I've never walked on a paved shoulder of an intermittently busy road before, with "nice long inclines" both on that road and on the side neighborhood roads we wove and in out of. I was glad to have the company of Anna and Pennie S. again this week, to accomodate my slower style, even though it felt like our version of the Tour de France.

Though I had planned to do 12 miles, the inclines did make a big difference. I turned back after 4 miles, making my walk 8 miles total yesterday. On my way back to Whidbey's, I also managed to twist my right knee, to match my swelling feet. I'll have to figure out how to tie my shoes differently when on hills, and do some research on any other measures that might come in handy.

I had thought to do a back to back walk today at 7 miles from Green Lake to Gas Works Park, to complement the 8 mile walk yesterday, but am going to humor my right knee instead with some stretching and mat work.

It's not the end of the world to "only" walk eight miles with hills.

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