Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We are Kindred Spirits

Our small team of three has joined the larger team of Kindred Spirits, the group I've been walking with the past two weekends. Our support group has expanded exponentially before we begin the walk, and our three individual fundraising goals become part of the goal of $500,000 that Kindred Spirits has set.

In making this decision, I feel a certain confidence that I will be able to enjoy the 3 Day Walk itself rather than think of it as a pending ordeal. I like the training support we'll have , and the laughs as well. There are both first year walkers and veterans to walk with.

This weekend many of the Kindred Spirits team will be up on Whidbey Island, camping and walking about 40 miles over several days. Anna and I will walk down here, Saturday in Woodinville and Sunday in Kenmore, to keep moving forward on our training.

You can read more about Kindred Spirits at www.kindredspirits-usa.com.

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