Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably right." -- Henry Ford

I had taken the days after Wednesday the 4th of July off to kick my training up a level and go longer distances. It's been very hot and dry here in Seattle, and the long range forecast shows it will probably still be hot and dry in September when we walk. So it's been good to walk every morning as it starts to heat up for the day. I know also that I need to drink more water and to do more stretching. Knowing and remembering are often two different things. I've not been able to get up past 4.3 miles at a pop this week, whether it's heat or lack of stretching, or just plain desire to stop walking after I hit 4 miles. I had planned to walk that same distance each evening this week, which would have put me at 8 miles a day, but did not in fact make it.

I am tight as a tick on the left glut/hamstring areas. I've done a good bit of stretching and reading today, rather than walking. And just in case it's a mineral deficiency, I started taking magnesium citrate tablets yesterday.

I'm reading a book by Carolyn Scott Kortge, called "The Spirited Walker." Today's quote from Henry Ford is from her book, indicating that "how you think and talk to yourself often determines what you achieve."

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