Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"You put salt on your food!!???***!!!"

I love salt. I always have. So today when I weighed in at 7 pounds heavier than June 19th, Amy had to ask "what has changed?" I had to confess that I have been eating microwave popcorn some evenings, and that I salt my food.

You should have seen the look on her face....not the one you see here, where I am indeed that 7 pounds lighter.

Not only will I not be allowed to salt my food, but I am also to take a look at the sodium content of any food, but forego in particular microwave popcorn, spicy Cheetos, other basic units of food like that.

I had a sedate (non-salted) lunch with Jane from WaMu, the purpose of which was to do some mentoring. Instead for at least half of the lunch meeting, she mentored me. It turns out that she has previously done this walk herself twice. She reminded me that my goal is to be ready to truly enjoy myself during the walk, itself a 3,000 person strong human symbol of determination and optimism. She also recommended a good book on Seattle's great parks with maps to show routing among them. Don't know why I didn't think of that myself as an option to going round and round Green Lake. I'll check with Barbara from Capital Markets to see if she is interested in a Green Lake to Ravenna Park to UW to the Arboretum to Madison Park route one of these upcoming weekends, of which we have nine left....

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