Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week." -- Spanish proverb

I know there are a number of folks reading this blog now, many of them walkers in training just like myself. There's something inherently misleading in a blog, because it confers an artificial authority upon the author. It makes me sound like I know what I am doing. And it makes me sound like I have no self-doubts about my progress.

Any walker who takes on this training will tell you that there are good days and bad days--and that you can't hurry your body into fitness. People always want to know how many inches and pounds I've lost and how many miles I can now walk. Initially, that's what I thought were the important questions too. I've had to consciously remove the word "only" from my status reports (as in "I only walked six miles today"). Now when I walk, I understand that I am part of something larger than myself, and that others will help me get through it, and that I intend to thoroughly enjoy the experience of the walk.

I am not waiting until tomorrow.

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