Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Pain is temporary...." -- Lance Armstrong

I had planned to do the 7 mile Twilight Walk this evening, but ended up having surgery on one of the toes on my right foot. The toe has bothered me more as I've increased miles walked, especially after I finished the 12 mile walk. But wearing dress shoes to visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum yesterday put me in so much pain that I got an emergency appointment with my podiatrist.

An ingrown toenail is not a catastrophe except just before it is taken care of. I had a hard time letting the doctor touch the toe to examine it. And the shot to numb the toe up was no piece of cake either. He thought he would simply trim away an edge, but ended up taking over half of the nail off since he found a blister under the nail as he cut.

So no walking for a couple of days, which is still okay timing for training. I begged him to take the rest of the nail off if there was the slightest possibility I would end up back on his table on Friday to have the same procedure on what's left -- but he thinks rest of nail will be okay. He said "I like to get my players back on the field as soon as possible." I have a strong antibiotic ointment to use and dressings to change until it's ready to go walking again. At that point, I'll switch over to liquid skin product to cover it.

More than anyone every wanted to know about foot problems, I'm sure -- but we're close enough to the walk that everyone should be checking the condition of their feet and having any maintenance work done necessary so that issues are resolved now. I've been on vacation to train, now I'm on vacation to actually rest the foot.

They don't call me The Iron Woman for nothing.

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