Saturday, August 11, 2007

Carpe Diem

We translate it usually as "seize the day." Closer may be "pluck the day." In any case, today we celebrate my son James, who has received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Evergreen, with a late afternoon party. I've had more time to prepare for the party because I still can't put a shoe on. I'll try that on Monday, when I return to work.

Looking back, I recall clearly my own graduation ceremonies around college degrees. We sat for several hours wearing robes to listen to not very good speakers exhort us to go forth and change the world. Honestly, I think today will be more meaningful.

Of James, there is only pride and respect for what he has achieved. Like his father, the renaissance man, he knows how to reach for the best in every day. The photo here is his "signature pose," the basis for a full length painting of James that was done, including one of his favorite accoutrements: the typewriter. His degree is in literature, and he plans to go to graduate school in the area of literary studies. He writes poetry, reads a lot and has a small bicycle repair business. He appears to have temporarily set aside playing jazz on a bass trombone, painting, and composing music. He is on his way to Paris in a week, to practice upon the natives the intensive French he has been studying this summer at the UW.

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