Thursday, August 30, 2007

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The moon has shown brightly the last few mornings I've walked. The sun doesn't come up until I'm nearly done with my circle around the lake. Emerson's statement is a metaphor for all the challenges and the preparation for this walk, and often for what I see when I get up so early in the morning. It's a reminder that anything can be turned inside out, that anything you can imagine is possible, just perhaps not always the way you imagined.

I am most grateful for the support of Leroy, James and Lauren. Weekend training in particular takes away from time that we would have spent with family -- none of the three of them have ever complained. James & Lauren call from Paris to check up on my attitude and get a report on the training. They'll be back the night before I start the walk, and will be photographing and posting to this blog during the event.

Next on that list from an inspiration and suppport perspective, the credit goes to my trainer, Amy, who has helped me see through any darkness I felt from time to time on the complexity of the effort and the distance I've had to travel to be fit enough. I'll have two more sessions with her before I start to walk.

Finally, I was surprised and honored at work by gifts from my executive assistant and managers -- the North Face gloves, shirt and pullover will all come in handy during this camping/walking event. I owe these folks, for having kept things going while I've been off on vacation days of training , and for the ongoing encouragement they've given me the past six months.

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