Saturday, September 1, 2007

Edmonds: Last Team Training Walk

A sunny but cool day for our last team training walk. Tath was talked into leading this extra one during Wednesday's twilight walk.

Jenny took this picture of myself and Anna Terrones, my walking partner. You can see the rest of the team in the block behind where we are standing.

Next photo is at scenic outlook about three miles into the walk. Tath, our walk leader is front left in this photo. My good friend Jenny is fifth from left in back row. Ginny is second from left in second row. Tath's husband Dennis is to Jenny's left. This is a great group of folks, mutually supportive and up for fun as well.

Not sure how clear this photo is, but I wanted to show how we tend to spread out when we walk. One of the best things about walking on a team is getting to know different folks by walking with them. Anna and I have become fast friends, and I've learned a lot from Ginny as well.

We had lunch together after the walk, and I picked up a few more tips on how to handle my feet during the event. One of the most charming suggestions is to take gallon ziploc bags with epsom salts pre-loaded , so that you can just add water and soak your feet while you are sitting in line waiting for the showers.

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James & Lauren said...

Lookin good, Annie! We're both tremendously proud of you.