Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Top Five Insensitive Comments

I've been collecting comments from well-intentioned bystanders for six months now, and it's time to share a few of them. They are not in any particular order of insensitivity.

1. "Oh, they must be the breast walkers...." (Edmonds downtown street last Saturday.)

2. "What kind of cancer do you have?" (None. I'm walking with and for those who do).

3. "60 miles doesn't sound like enough..." (There are variants of this comment, from "why 60 miles?" to "what's so tough about 60 miles? I do that on my bike every weekend.")

4. "I think they read your blog because you're older and they wonder if you can do it." (Hard to think of anything to say back except many folks read this blog because they are walkers too. )

5. "What about other kinds of cancer? Why don't you raise money for them too?" (I walk for all cancer survivors no matter what type. )

As Anna T. would say to all of them: "We are 3 Day Walkers. HEAR US ROAR!!!!"


Jenny Sinanan said...

"Well-intentioned bystanders"- Gracious of you to give them the benefit of the doubt, Annie! Ah, to have been a fly on the wall and have witnessed your retort.

I say, "name your synonym": stupid, immature, brainless, unaware,callous, uneducated, disrespectful, lacking insight, innane, obtuse...

Anna T has it right on the money; and you, my friend, have big money in the team coffer. You rock!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud to call you my friend. I have tears in my eyes right now as I read your blog and look at the pictures. Especially the one with my name on your fanny pack. I just returned from radiation and I promise you....I'm not giving up the fight.
Denise Roberts