Wednesday, September 5, 2007

T minus 1.5 and counting....

There's nothing to compare with support from your colleagues and your boss. I knew I had that all along, with donations for breast cancer research coming from most everyone on the team...but this morning those words were accompanied by a very generous spa certificate.

The other sweet spot came today via donations -- I am now within $400 of my $25,000 goal. I have no doubt that I will exceed my goal before I start walking on Friday morning.

7:30pm. I thank Julie, who just put me over my goal. She is one of the survivors whom I honor when I walk this weekend. She continues to set a high bar for all of us who know her bright spirit, her optimism and her commitment to breast cancer research and cutting edge treatment.

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Jenny Sinanan said...


Back in March when I received your email announcing your decision to do the walk, I screamed with joy. Then I read on: you had set a fundraising goal of $25,000. Tears fell from my eyes. I wept, knowing in my heart, that you would achieve this, because that is what you said you'd do. Congratulations Annie!

With deepest admiration,
Your teammate Jen