Friday, March 28, 2008

Patience vs Prudence

I am two weeks past the beginning of my back problems, and still not recovered. I tried to do some walking last Saturday and just re-injured the area. I've worked with Amy three times since the initial injury and there is no doubt the back is much better. But I'm going to put off walking this weekend to see if I can recover completely before I start the distance training. I'm going to go to a shoe fitting session tomorrow for 3 Day Walk participants, and have a spot of tea with my good friend Jenny, who has just announced she is moving from being a walker to a crew member this year due to lingering bursitis problem from last year's traing and walk. Physical limitations and challenges improve our humility and humanity levels, I think. It does me no good at all to be angry that I can't walk right fact that just contributes to back spasms. I'm not much for prudence, but I have learned more about patience.

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