Monday, March 17, 2008

Top of the Morning

It's St. Patrick's Day in Seattle, and I'm looking forward to a couple of hours at Belltown Billiards after work today. This past weekend was very wet. I'm still recovering from travel and and bronchitis, so I did not go to Mulkiteo to walk on Saturday. I took a turn at Green Lake on Sunday instead. I pulled muscles on the left side, then skidded on some stairs in the middle of the night, so today you could call me a stiff Mick. At noon today was the annual Seattle Public Library's lunch at Town Hall, featuring journalist Daniel Schorr as guest of honor. His talk was remarkable, called "Forgive Us Our Press Passes." Though his body is that of an old man now, and he has to be helped to walk, that voice is the one I remember from the earliest time I watched television. He is the last of those original television journalists still reporting, still standing, still completely in the middle of the most important issues of our time. What an honor to hear him speak, and to be so witty on topics as diverse as the White House Press Office, bloggers, and distractions that pass as news on television.

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