Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Get up and dance..

I have $7,200+ posted on my donation site and another couple of thousand in pending matching gifts, so I should be about one-third of the way to the $30,000. I think Penny mentioned there are about 80 folks signed up so far this year for our team. There's a photo to the right, of us marching into the stadium at Seattle Center at the end of last year's walk.

Yesterday I had foot and joint measurements that preceed a video gait analysis on the 20th. The goal is to find out if I already have the right orthodics and shoes or if I need something else. This program looks very promising and is a combination of medical professionals and physical therapists.

I did enjoy the measurements, which included range and flexibility positions for the joints. Amy puts me through that routine in the gym twice a week. I scored highly on a number of them. The therapist double checked the chart on my age, which made me want to get up and dance.

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