Saturday, May 17, 2008


I flew to San Francisco on Wednesday morning and had meetings through Friday noon. The weather was spectacular so I was able to do some walking, especially the first day. My hotel was in the financial district so not far from the Embarcadero, which is lovely to walk by, and to see all the activity. The temperature was at 92 on the second day when I walked, which is probably why I didn't stretch enough before starting a long walk along the piers. I pulled up short with a sore right hamstring at around 4 miles, and hobbled back to the hotel. I've been icing and stretching since then. I'm back in Seattle now, and went out for a walk this morning but kept it to 1.5 miles. We'll see how I do the rest of the day with ice and stretches, and maybe a longer shot tomorrow. I want to be able to walk naturally -- whatever that means, especially these past few months -- on Tuesday, when I have the video gait analysis tests.

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