Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Mothers are allowed to wax philosophical at least on this one day a year. When I walked this morning at Green Lake, through a corridor of flowering trees, I thought about what an extraordinary life I lead. I am paid well to do interesting work. I have a family that supports my efforts, whether creating a book, puttering in the garden, or walking 60 miles. The photographs below illustrate how time teaches us to be patient.

I planted this small lilac in 2006, and it only now has been able to make one bloom, but it is a perfect one. Just in time for Mother's Day!

Though it is hard to see -- probably because there is a mock orange tree behind it -- this is my new Mother's Day lilac, planted earlier this week. It is tall and gracefully open this year, with a dozen or so lilacs. Next year this time, it will be filled in and covered with sweet smelling blooms.

Here's Leroy is his study this morning, having finished final corrections and edits on a very long paper he is working on. We expect that within a week he will have cast off his crutches, waiting patiently for a bone in his foot to heal.

Flowers and gardens are always part of Mother's Day weekend because Cassandra and Sabrina always send me beautiful flowers. Here are the ones from Sabrina and her family....

...and her are the flowers from Cassandra and family.
James & Lauren are cooking dinner this evening, and tomorrow morning I am scheduled to speak with the executive editor at Taunton Press who handles house books. As I said, an extraordinary life....

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