Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Be There or Be Square....

I've missed seeing 2007 walker Anna, whom I met at Green Lake, but I did hear from her yesterday. She says most of her team has now finished treatment(s), and adds a few more details.

"We're having a benefit for our team "The Lickity Splits" on Thursday, June 26th at Heaven nightclub. It's in Pioneer Square. It used to be the old "Catwalk" club. In any case, I would love for you to come, if you're available. Bring your team. There will be 4 bands playing the benefit: 2 loudish rock bands and 2 alt-country bands. Bring your earplugs. But, it should be lots of fun. We're just trying to pack the house, as funds aren't pouring in like they did last year! Damnit! So, doors open at 8:00. Show starts at 9:00."

I'll be on a plane back to Iowa, but if you're free on the 26th, please go kick up your heels for a good cause.

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