Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Face plant at Fourth & Union

Beautiful flowers from my team at work, to cheer me up after my most recent Kodak moment.

Yes, this is me with various shades of fashionable plum and purple on my face.

I was walking uptown yesterday, came to a corner, looked down, misjudged a curb, and ended up in the street, face planted in traffic. Lots of drama, but many people were helpful, including a woman who found paper towels and ice, another who tried to operate my blackberry to make a call for me, and the store owner across the street who brought me a chair to sit in while the fire department wrapped me up for transport to Northwest Hospital's ER.

I would rather have skipped this episode, which slows down my training for sixty miles. But, as the Irish say, it could have been worse.

Not sure about makeup for work tomorrow, but I'm thinking of investing in some purple eyeshadow for the good eye so that they both match. The eleven stitches are actually quite dashing.

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Anonymous said...

Annie --

You are, as always, one tough lady! That's quite the shiner. I wish a speedy recovery.