Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lovely weekend.

A wonderful weekend all round. Yesterday I clocked my four miles precisely, and then drove up to the 3 Day Expo, where Penny was just leading in 500 ten mile walkers. What a sight! Now I know what the 3 Day Walk looks like when you are driving by. It appears we've raised nearly $83,000 as a team so far this year, and are the #1 fundraiser at this point.

Today we celebrated nearly 24 years of friendship with Sam and Belinda, whom we got to know during childbirth classes that summer. Their sons Claiborne and Cameron were born the same day as James, and the three grew up having birthday parties together -- today we were celebrating the twins' graduation yesterday from the University of Washington. Friends and family were amazed to see "Baby James," (above) now standing about 6'3" and soon to be on his way to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, for graduate school.

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