Monday, July 7, 2008

Real progress.

My physical therapist indicated that he was almost ready to put me in maintenance mode with the progress I've made. He feels that the work we've been doing has loosened things up so that the new orthodics and the lift on the left one won't be such a hard transition. I have two more exercises to add to the ones I already do, and will go back in two weeks to see if I've now got the proper hang of things. Today I also saw my chiropracter, who concurs with both doctor and physical therapist that the chest injury will take up to six months to go away. But it will not keep me from walking the 3 Day in September.

I've picked up a second pair of training shoes and thanked Ty at Super Jock & Jill for having put me on the sports medicine path. All this diagnostic and physical therapy work started from a suggestion he made in April, which will lead to much improved stability and a better spine, feet and knees.

Looking back on this blog, I see that I've been fighting with various physical challenges since mid-March. This past week of vacation has been wonderful. I feel that I have the energy for the walk, and the more abbreviated training from this point on.

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