Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." -- Albert Camus

I had a chance to spend some time in the garden this morning. I love all the seasons, but this one is as special as spring. All the lessons of renewal are to be found in the garden. Above, a Bells of Ireland bush in its final flowering.

To the left, the beautiful long-flowering Daphne bush that Hazard and Diana gave me some years ago. The stone spirit of the garden peeking out from behind the brick stand is also a birthday gift from them a few years earlier. One last red geranium flourishes still with lobelia and a trailing white flowering plant in the container.

Day lilies continue in spurts to bloom. The surest sign of autumn is the flowering orange bush behind the forsythia. I have plenty of work to do still before winter, including both cleanup and plantings for a greater show of color in the spring.

Though the rains have started to come back, we still have time to sit outside and contemplate the rhythms of change, in the garden and in our lives.

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Lauren said...

A beautiful entry, Annie.