Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poignant photos....

Here's a photo of a team of walkers I saw throughout the walk. They are called "The Breastie Boys," and they walked in memory of a woman named Tana, wife of one of the boys; as well as to honor their mothers, wives and daughters.

A great leg shot of one of my fellow flag bearers. He had my back going up and coming back down those tricky stairs to the stage.

And here is my friend Ginny Douglas reminding me about my limits on Sunday.

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Jenny Sinanan said...

Precious friend,

You are a master of words and a gifted photographer. I have long admired and enjoyed the manner in which you marry words with pictures. I am quite taken by the shot of Ginny looking in your eyes and touching your shoulders. It speaks to her commitment to supporting you and to your willingness to open your heart.

Thank you, Annie, for all the ways you grace my life.

Your pal,