Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day Three 2008 -- $8,600,000,000!!!

Day 3 was all about walking the most beautiful spots in Seattle. After the Cowen Park pit stop, I hit my stride at Green Lake around 8am. My friend Jobeth, a two year survivor of ovarian cancer, greeted me at the entrance and walked a bit with me.

I had some trouble this morning with my left hip and right knee. At least that distracted me from blisters!

Coming up out of Green Lake on the way to Woodland Park.

We had lunch at Gas Works Park.

Kindred Spirits alumni set up a welcoming table, with chairs, at the Olympic Sculpture Park. We waited until the team was in, around 3:15, then took the last .8 mile together.

The Kindred Spirits team hits the finish line....on the left in front, the indomitable Mary Jo. To my right, my guardian angle Ginny Douglas and to her left Carol Salo, who recently finished both chemotherapy and radiation. All three of these women are survivors, and I was honored to be walked in by them. Ginny was determined that she would walk so that I could keep up that last distance. Our friend Jenny was a crew member this year, or she would have been right there with us as we went over the finish line.
Another Leroy photo of the walk in. It is hard to describe the emotion and the exhilaration at this point. Everyone is cheering you in, and you feel as if you own the world.

Here is the stadium full of supporters for Closing Ceremonies... as well as the 3,200 walkers, and 400 crew members.

A last look at 2008, with walkers and survivors surrounding the Circle of Survivors that we honor at the beginning and the end of the walk. We have just raised the flag, which says "Everyone Deserves A Lifetime -- A World Without Breast Cancer."

What we have done together is consequential. It does make a difference. And it will lead to a world without breast cancer. Time to crack out the Epsom salts and take a victory soak. I hope the pictures show you how all of us are changed, and changed again, every year that we take this walk. I am so happy that I did stick to my guns and take this walk in 2008.


Cassandra said...

Congratulations, Annie!!! We are so very proud of you. We just got back from Alex's fundraiser concert where they raised $1,600 for a new piano for Tempe Preparatory Academy. It was certainly a weekend of sacrifice for noble causes and I'm so honored to be part of a family that gives so much of their time and talents to the world and the community. You are all amazing and I love you so much.

Tracy said...

Hooray! 8.6 Million dollars! I can't believe it. It is the persistence and dedication of people like you who make it happen. When they announce they have found a cure for breast cancer, I will throw a party and you will be the first person on my invitation list!

Congratulations on a fabulous weekend!