Sunday, December 14, 2008

White magic.

The passages below (not in linear order) are from Joseph Wood Krutch's "The Twelve Seasons: A Perpetual Calendar for the Country" which was published in 1949. It is one of my favorite books. This section is from the chapter on the month of December.

"Let the man who boasts that his common sense is continuous and unassailable arise about three or four o'clock on some snowy morning when there is a moon still up. I shall not recommend that he go out of doors; cetainly not that he move even a few steps from his house; for I do not want to answer for the consequences if he should do any such thing.

"But let him simply look from his bedroom window at the waning moon about to set in the west. A waning moon it will be if there is any moon at all at that time in that position, and it will have a quality of its own...."

"And how quietly the flakes fall, either one by one or collected into soft, harmless-seeming masses. You would never suspect that anything so small and so soft could ever become formidable. You cannot even feel the weight of one flake on your cheek -- only the tiny point of coldness when it touches and the tiny point of wetness as it melts.....Perhpas none of the other grand natural phenomena--certainly not the various kinds of rain--occurs in such a variety of ways as the snow, which comes either crystal by crystal or in fluffy masses."

I found a wonderful Noble Fir tree yesterday with my friend Suzie, who then cut fresh holly for me from her tree. Now the living room is soft with lights and ornaments, and smells like a forest. Though aches and pains caused me to miss the Green lake luminarias and a holiday party thrown by an old friend and colleague, I was able to shoot these photos about 9:30pm last night to a nearly full moon from my upstairs window and at 7:30am this morning from my front porch.

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