Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can spring be far behind?

It was a crisp, sunny walk this morning at Green Lake. I saw crocuses, snowflowers and iris beginning to send out shoots above the ground, hinting at the show we'll have in another month. The other signal that spring is nearly here was the Seattle Flower & Garden Show issue of Pacific magazine in today's Seattle Times.

I read two newspapers with my breakfast, then walked, then shopped for Beechers crackers and cheese and a bottle of Bushmills for this evening's celebrations. Then I had an otherworldly massage. Now it's time to go take a steam then clean myself up for this evening.

Since we've lived in Seattle, we celebrate our anniversaries with Hazard and Diana Adams. Today is also Hazard's birthday. As his card says, "experience has its advantages."
I would guess that the tree pictured above, near Bathhouse Theatre, also feels the same way.

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