Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's uphill work.

I was back in the gym this morning with Jeremy after a week away. I knew it would be a tough workout before we started, in fact I woke early dreading it. Usually, after I'm warmed up and rolling, I have some feeling of mastery over the exercises, and can focus on my form and execution. This morning it was all uphill, messy and sweaty. Most of the work was upper body, including the dread Gravitron, but there's one step-up-on-one-foot-and-lift-the-weights-over-your-head-then-step-back-down-and-reverse-feet that caused me to wish myself elsewhere.

It's sometimes tough to sort out all the pressures in one's environment, and this morning they all came to a head in the gym. I hope to do better on Thursday.

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