Friday, February 20, 2009

Seattle Flower & Garden Show

Just a few photographs from this year's garden show -- most likely the last year that the show will be presented. My friend Suzie and I are both photographers, and the show always yields lasting images.

Who wouldn't want to have such a retreat in their back yard?

Part of the beautiful Ikebana exhibit at the show.

More Ikebana. See how your perception is changed by such minaturized vistas.

Another beautiful exhibit, using colors of quilts and quilts themselves in landscape.

More relationships between cloth and flowers.

One of three gorgeous standing exhibits at the entrance to the show.

Another entrance display.

And my favorite entrance display, for all of its subtlety. The show continues until Sunday and is well worth seeing for both the exhibits and the vendors as well. There's nothing more refreshing to the spirit than a whiff of daphne odora.

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