Friday, April 24, 2009

The Southwest.

On Thursday before I boarded the Southwest Chief, Mike Spalter took me to lunch in LA's Chinatown.  Ocean Seafood is known far and wide for its dim sum.

Most of the trip across California and Arizona took place at night.  But these pictures were shot after we had crossed the border into New Mexico.  I'm amazed still that the iPhone camera works so well at speeds up to  80mph.

The Sandia Mountain range, outside Santa Fe.

Our weekend conference is being held on a 17 acre estate where the original buildings were designed by an artist.  Here are just a few photos from this afternoon.  I'll shoot more tomorrow. The Rancho de San Sebastian is both vast and intimate, a function in part of the air, the mountains and the sky -- but a testament to the woman who took the initial buildings and made them thematically complete.

Entrance from parking area through into the back garden.

We start again tomorrow morning with a 7:30 session, so I'll sign off for tonight with las flores.

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