Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day #14 --Princeton.

I'm rather glad that it's raining here in Princeton today.  It gives me the perfect excuse to stay at home while everyone else is at work.  I'm catching up on emails, then planning to crawl back into bed and try to knock this cold out once and for all.  These top two photos are the view from my room at my sister Mary's home.  

As you can see, Mary  is a gifted gardner and landscaper...we share that interest, though her grounds are far more extensive than mine.  I'll shoot more photos tomorrow.

I  left Durham around 10:45 yesterday and arrived in Trenton around 9:30pm.  The Carolinian is rather like a milk train...it made many stops and ultimately arrived around 90 minutes late. This was my first experience riding in coach rather than a sleeping car, without a first class window seat.   

I'll write more later.

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Carol Salo said...

Annie, just a note to let you know that you have kept me reading and engaged with your travels. Thanks for sharing such a special journey with us all. BTW ... awesome pictures !!!!!