Friday, May 1, 2009

Early morning in Austin.

I'm up early and packing to catch a plane to Chapel Hill this morning.  Austin has been good to me:  I've been able to spend almost uninterrupted time with a close friend of nearly 40 years. Matt has two grown children, shown with him in photos below.  The treat for both of us was also spending time with each of them while I was here.

Klaudia is a marketing/advertising strategist, based in Austin.   

Colin is an trauma center doctor and has a construction company on the side.  We toured his newly completed home when we drove across the state to Tyler.   

If the rest of this trip turns out to be as rewarding as this particular segment, I will be very happy.  Making this kind of connection back to people who are important to me is the whole reason for the trip.  I'm trying to persuade all three to come to Seattle and spend some time in the not too distant future.

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