Saturday, May 2, 2009

Raising spirits while boosting the economy.

I've been wrestling with either allergies or a cold since mid-week.  Lauren was even sicker than myself.  We are both a lot better now, and were able to get out this afternoon, and support the American economy.  We sounded like Fran Drescher.

Here's Lauren in the back garden of Cafe Driade, where we picked up tea.  The cafe has chairs and tables in the woods,  creating quiet and special places for its customers.

This sculptural element caught my eye at the cafe.  I was born in Buffalo Center, Iowa.

Despite having to block out a couple of hours for hair, we were able to move through five or six antiuque shops.  This is the first one, with an enviable collection of vintage patio furniture.

After lunch, antiquing, and organic popsicles (I had cardommon ginger), we did our part for the American economy, with both pedicures and manicures.  We managed to catch up on a variety of topics, including  the state of university budgets, the library budget, and a few train stories.  We're taking the evening to vegetate, then tomorrow we'll do the Duke University gardens and other cool places.

Tonight we are both resting  

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Penny Kellam said...

Have I mentioned yet that I'm very jealous? And very, very happy that you have this incredible opportunity to take a deep breath and enjoy the people and experiences that are most important to you. I'm incredibly proud to be able to call you my friend. Thank you Annie for doing such a beautiful job sharing your adventure.