Friday, May 8, 2009

"In my thought one doesn’t replace the past, one only adds a new link to it." -- Paul Cezanne

It is difficult to belief that Paul Cezanne died over a hundred years ago, in 1906.  The exhibition of 40 of his paintings and another 20 or so of his watercolors and drawings is stunning, and woven inside  and around it are other paintings from Philadelphia's large collection of early modernist works: Braque, Beckman, Kelly, Gorky, Giacometti, Modrian, Matisse, Leger and others. The curatorial eyes that put this show together are exceptional.  I was very glad that Paul had time to drive down to see the show.

Climbing the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art -- also known as the "Rocky" steps from the movie -- caused us to realize that my cold was probably worse and that I was having some difficulty breathing.  So after we saw the show, I went to the Princeton Medical Center and have now been dosed up with antibiotics and prednisone for bronchitis.  I managed to  change reservations around so I can to stay here a couple of extra days, and take the train on Sunday to stay with James.  

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