Saturday, May 9, 2009

Intrepid Traveler Meets Risk Manager

Here is a beautiful photo shot in 2003 by Larry Lanier of the train rounding Marial Pass in West Glacier, Montana.  It's a view I've decided to enjoy by photograph only.  The risk manager in me has wrestled with the traveler and won:  I'll take the train on to see James in Pittsburgh tomorrow, then fly home on Wednesday afternoon from Pittsburgh, so that I can see my own doctor on Thursday.

I'm sorry to miss the Washington DC component of my trip, a mix of time with old friends and some business as well.  But those days  in DC, followed by three days straight of train travel to get home, can be taken at another time, especially since I also missed my business meetings  in New York on Friday.  I'll come back East and do them in one trip later this year.

I have had nothing but outstanding service from Amtrak all along this trip.  They've been as courteous in readjusting the end of the trip as they were in helping me book it to begin with. Same with the folks, in cancelling hotel reservations I had in New York and DC.

I'm looking forward with a larger amount of energy today to enjoy this last day here with Mary and Paul, Jess and Liz.  I hope to get some photos to post up of the family.  The girls have enjoyed hearing Mary and I reminisce over our respective childhoods.  We both have degrees in literature, and we both married renaissance men.  Though we do different work, our interests and politics are remarkably aligned. 

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