Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mary and Paul and Jess and Liz.

Liz took the camera to get this shot of myself, my sister Mary, and my brother-in-law Paul.

Here's one of my sister doing some research.  Look familiar?

This is Jess, my oldest niece.  She's getting her graduate degree in social work.

And this is my younger niece, Liz, and her friend Bizzy.  Liz is studying criminal justice and Bizzy is studying child psychology and advertising.

Pipes that feed the pool in the back garden have broken.  Here, Paul and his contractor explore exactly how to shore up the ruins before summer.  One of the three dogs is in the foreground.

Another shot of Mary's dogwoods along the side of the house.

I'm off early morning for Penn Station in New York, to catch The Pennsylvanian to get to James in Pittsburgh.  I've had a great restful time her with the family.

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