Monday, May 11, 2009

James' apartment.

It's always interesting to see how your kids live and what is important to them.   Here are a few photos I shot this morning at James' apartment in Pittsburgh.

Charles Sanders Peirce volumes above James' bed.

Coleridge volumes above the fireplace, along with Becket,  Hawthorne, Williams,  and Eliot.  Weston's photograph.
One of the walls in James' workroom.  Weston's Whitman painting.

An interesting way of organizing work.

Desk with front and side bookcases by James & Leroy Searle.  Chair courtesy DuGraf Interiors.

The trunk from Bea, holding both the Hermes typewriter and the netbook computer.  He uses both. 

Sunroom with an alternate work/eat area.
It's great to be here.  We walked into downtown from the train station to look at its architecture. We ended up at the ornate William Penn Hotel, from where we picked up a cab.  After a walk around James' Squirrel Hill neighborhood,  James fixed me dinner  and then I had a long very restful sleep.  Today, I'm going to have coffee with an old friend of Leroy and me, who teaches here at the University of Pittsburgh.  

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