Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Out of clutter, find simplicity." -- Albert Einstein

The patterns of a gardener over the four seasons are nearly reflexive.    Here, it was time to lift out the sturdy primroses from spring and to trim back the greenery left from the daffodils.  Divide and repot them deeper.  Then bring in the red geraniums and blue lobelia that signal summer is coming.

The lipstick red camellia tree is done but the white azalea bushes near the front steps have only begun.

My euphorbia has gone mad in the front rockery, where I pause to clean up the beds a bit after pruning out dead branches in my rosemary bushes down below.

All the while I work in the early morning sun, Leroy's horse is at rest.

Later today, I'll plant the primroses back into shady dark ground for the summer so they will be ready for their next cycle.   In the back garden, my lettuce and onions are ready for an endless stream of salads.   It is a beautiful day and, after we're back from the museum, we'll be able to eat dinner on the back terrace.   Utter simplicity!

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