Saturday, May 16, 2009

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again." -- Thomas Paine

Since Thursday, I have been spending time quietly here at home.   Today, I'm looking at notes about my goals I made during the weekend think tank in Santa Fe, and putting them into a more finished form. 

  • To be fully present in the moment, rather than anticipating the next turn of events.    
  • To reach more often with the heart, not just with the head.
  • To live more simply.
  • To let go of negative thoughts.
  • To spend time with and thank good friends and close relatives.
  • To finish my "Art of Renovation" book manuscript.
  • To determine my "personal brand"  --how to best use my interests and talents in the future.
My travels this past month offered an opportunity to work on more than one of these goals. Slowing down long enough to spend real time with people I care about is a form of renewal that provides a strong foundation for the other aspirations shown here.

My list also includes more tactical items like  walking every day, swimming several times a week, finding a mat pilates class, and starting again to learn either piano or painting.  

As Thomas Paine says, all these are within my power.


James said...

Right on Annie!

James said...
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