Friday, May 29, 2009

"A picture is a poem without words." -- Horace

I took my first "time out" today, following the library foundation retreat.  I ended up in Volunteer Park.  Here, Nagouchi's magnificent "Black Sun" sculpture, for which I have one of the artist's small castings, a gift from the museum staff and trustees in 1984. 

The Seattle Asian Art Museum has both classic and contemporary pieces on view.  Above, a contemporary woodcut from the Japanese artist Seiko.

Here, a much older Japanese pot.

I tried to talk the gardeners into coming to my house after they were done planting out the museum's beds, but I think they have other work to do in Volunteer Park today.

Flats of flowers to be planted out around the museum.

One last look at "Black Sun," with the Space Needle to the west, in the distance.

I've had a great day and am looking forward to one last quiet weekend with my husband.  Feels like summer, but it's still spring -- great weather for long rides on the Harley.

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Bruno L. said...

Beautiful pics, as usual! You have the photographic/artistic eye for seeing things around you :)