Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunny Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

James finished his last paper for his master's degree, and we drove to the Carnegie Mellon campus to turn it in.  

Plaque and window just inside the door of his building.

Windows and staircases are beautiful.

Shot looking out of building from second floor.

And, of course, turning in library books is part of end of semester routines.

Shot from the car, the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh.  James had a philosophy class in the building this last semester.

As you would guess, Andrew Carnegie built a fine museum for the people of Pittsburgh.  The collection is broad and interestingly deep in some areas.  Above:  Monet's waterlilies.

European and American art is blended in several galleries.

Here, one of the pieces for this year's Carnegie International competition.  This sits near the entrance to the museum.

Another gallery piece from the Carnegie International.

Last but not least, a splendid David Smith sculpture.

We also drove through the south side of Pittsburgh after we visited the museum. Not sure that we will make it to Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" before I leave, but I'd much rather have this lazy, relaxed time with James than rush about frenetically.

I'm resting now, and James & I will eat in a few hours.  I am so very pleased that I came to see him, and proud of all that he has  accomplished.  He knows a great deal about this city and its history, and has shared the city and his love for it freely.

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