Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet Anna.

Too often stories about cancer are sad.  Not this one.  Meet Anna Warren Schumacher, transplanted daughter of the South, actress, and hair stylist at Salon Joseph on Queen Anne Hill.  I first met Anna walking Green Lake in the spring of 2007.  She figured out I was a 3 Day walker in training by my hat.  At that time, she was just finishing chemo.   I caught up with her again in passing at the walk itself, and by email.  I started following her blog last year.   It is not for the faint of heart.  She is totally, completely alive and passionate about living.

You may have seen her yesterday on KING-TV, or heard her earlier today on the radio.  She makes a great spokesperson for Komen's Race for the Cure or the 3 Day Walk because she is so knowledgeable about cancer and because she is a straight shooter. 

I want to suggest anyone needing a hair cut or color give a call to Salon Joseph at 206 285-113 for an appointment before Saturday.   All the folks there are friendly and expert in their services -- and they are donating a portion of their tips as well as part of the salon's profits through Friday to Komen.    If you're lucky enough to get Anna, you'll be laughing through your whole appointment...or, if you need it, you will have found a fierce advocate.  She is the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally vouch for Anna's wonderful ability as a stylist and colorist, plus it's fun to chat with her!

Jennifer J-F.