Saturday, July 4, 2009

7am on Independence Day

I thought it best to work early in the morning, before it got so hot as yesterday. Breakfast and two newspapers later, I was pulling out my tools.

Will this hydrangea make it? I potted it into the ground after it spent a couple of weeks in the house last winter.

Only a gardner could see that I actually spent around 90 minutes clearing this long rockery outside the back garden. And it could still use more work, including some new perrenials.

I have done not very much at all yet inside the fence, and yet look how beautiful it looks!

And more of what I still have to clean up a bit. But I am contented at what I got done yesterday and today, and if it cools off more later, I'll be back out there until the light is gone and the fireworks begin.

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sarel said...

Annie, that is beautiful!